Sunday, June 12, 2011

Puppysitting with Elton -- Part Two

So night two of puppysitting started with a walk with Elton.  I took him out for a walk and he did much better than the night before.  We had a very nice walk around the block.  I tried to sufficiently wear him out so that he would sleep that night so we spent hours of playing fetch (see the video below and ignore my awful voice!)  and went out for a second walk before bed. 

After the walk and playing fetch, this is what they looked like.

Yes, I know, Suki wasn't playing fetch but let's not forget that Elton jumped the gate some time during the day and must have been 'playing' with her! 

I spent most of the night fretting over what I would do with him the next day while I was at work.  I still wasn't sure of the potty-training and since I spent hours asking him to leave Suki alone, I decided that the bathroom with the door closed was my only option.  I could go into my friend Alma's saga of her Shitzu that she left in the bathroom one day and she tried so hard to get out that she bloodied her paws and Alma said it looked like there had been a triple homicide in the bathroom when they finally got home (dog ok), but I'm not going to do that!  Just suffice it to say that I was extremely worried all day at work!  I was pleasantly surprised when I got home to find that he had been the perfect puppy.  No pee'ing, pooping or chewing on the cabinets!  We went on a very pleasant walk when I got home, no pulling the leash or anything.  I barely had to hang on at all.  It was great! 

We went on a second walk that night with my friend, Julia, and her two chihuahuas, TJ and Dakota.  When I met up with them we were standing on the corner letting the dogs get to know each other and this cat slowly came walking over to the dogs.  I have never seen a cat do that before and I really wish I had my phone with me so that I could get a picture of it!  Then as we walked around the block we found a puppy running loose.  He had a collar on but not tags.  He pretty much followed us around and was playing with Elton.  A couple of cars came down the road and he wasn't smart enough to get out of the way so we decided to find a safe place for him to stay until we could find the owners.  Luckily my neighbors, Shawn and Holly, agreed to keep him in their fenced in yard a day or two while I put up posters and hopefully found his owner.  I think they fell a little in love with him that night!!  He was a real sweetie.  This is him:

Luckily we did find the owners the next day.  And sadly when I took Elton for his walk this morning Swag (that's what his name turned out to be) was loose again!  Another neighbor had found him and put him on a leash like we had and I pointed her in the right direction to his house!

But, back to the puppysitting... once we got Swag settled into Shawn and Holly's backyard, Elton and I went back home.  Nothing real exciting happened; more fetch, more sleeping and to bed early so I could get up for my 5k the next day.  It was a good 5k so I may actually post about that later. 

We had a very good Saturday, relatively uneventful.  Fetch, walking, sleeping.  Elton found his spot on the back of the couch and they played and even slept  together.  I was never sure if Suki was just defending herself or having some fun with him but I let them play on and off.  She is an old dog and it took a lot out of her so I had to stop it some!

The rest of the weekend was rather uneventful.  Brandy decided to stay an extra night in Chicago and since I am working late tomorrow and think it's unfair to keep him locked in the bathroom for that long I met her friend's mother and handed him off to her for the night.  I felt so bad when I was putting his stuff in the car.  He looked at me with his sad puppy dog eyes like he knew I was sending him away!  He sat in my lap the entire drive to Smyrna and gave me kisses when I let him go.

Brandy, if Elton ever needs a sitter again, you know where to bring him!

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