Sunday, June 12, 2011

Puppysitting with Elton -- Part One

This weekend my friend Brandy participated in the Ragnar Relay Chicago and needed someone to watch her puppy, Elton.  I was a little nervous about having a puppy in my house for several reasons, the first being that he is a puppy!!!  The second reason, and the more important one, is I wasn't sure how Suki, my 13-year-old maltese, would handle it.  For those of you who don't know, Suki is my princess and the center of my world!  She has never been that playful of a dog and in her 'old' age has mellowed to sleeping most of the time!  Oh, and I guess I should mention here that she has never considered herself a dog and pretty much wants nothing to do with any other dog!  Do you see where I am going with this?

Brandy brought little Elton by on Wednesday night since they were heading out to Chicago on Thursday.  She brought the little bundle of joy in and he immediately went crazy running all over the place.  I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  I, like Suki, have mellowed as well!  Brandy hung around for a little while and then left him alone with Suki and me.  Poor Elton stood at the door and cried for quite awhile after she left. 

Elton was quite the wild child that night!  Running all over the house, pee'd a couple of times which luckily I caught right away, getting into things that I don't think about because Suki is so mellow, and spending quite a bit of time humping my arm!!!  I took him out for a good night walk and the first walk on the leash I had to hold on for dear life and hope he didn't get away from me!  When we went to bed he spent quite a few hours chewing on my head and playing, but some time during the night he finally settled in and cuddled up next to me for a little sleep.

Thursday morning was going to be quite a test.  Suki has the run of the house and because I wasn't sure how well trained the puppy was Brandy and I decided it was best to put him in the bathroom with a baby gate so he didn't feel so locked in.  I hated leaving him in there but based on the fact that my house is not puppy proofed, I did believe it was the safest place for him.  So, I left him in there with his bed, food and water and some toys and hoped for the best.  When I came home that night I found that he was able to jump that gate!!!  Not sure what time he got out but based on Suki that night, I have a feeling it was pretty early.  The picture is a little blurry, and yes I did say she sleeps most of the time anyhow, but she was a little more pooped than usual!!!

So starts night 2 of puppysitting, which I will continue in another post...

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